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  • Puja Vacation from 11th October to 7th November 2021. College will open from 8 November 2021.
  • 1st semester class started from 01/10/21. Students please contact with your respective departments and attend your valuable classes.
  • Free vaccination camp on 01/10/21 at College premises. All the current students come with original Aadhar Card and last College admission slip
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All students are hereby notified that the question papers/ assignments for all courses would be available for download on and from 14.02.2021. The students shall write their answers on their own A-4 size sheets. No sheets would be provided from the college. The students NEED NOT COME TO THE COLLEGE for either collecting answer sheets/ question papers or submitting their answer scripts. The students are advised to read and understand the following guidelines:

  1. All submissions of finished answer scripts must be mailed to the respective subject teacher by 22.02.2021 to 26.02.2021. No submissions following that date would be entertained under any circumstances.
  2. All students must write their name, semester, college roll no., university registration number, and the name of the paper that they are writing. Separate answer scripts should be used for each paper.
  3. Students must mention the semester and write the name of the subject and paper in the Subject Heading of their email. For instance, a student of Sem-III writing the Urdu CC-I paper should write 'SEM3URDUCC1' in the Subject Head of the email.
  4. Students are requested to convert all their answer scripts into PDF and then send them as email attachments. Word document files or scanned JPG/JPEG files would not be accepted.
  5. All submissions for English (Hons and Programme) must be mailed to
  6. All submissions for Political Science (Hons and Programme) must be mailed to
  7. All submissions for Urdu (Hons and Programme) must be mailed to
  8. All submissions for History (Hons and Programme) must be mailed to
  9. All submissions for Philosophy (Hons and Programme) must be mailed to
  10. All submissions for Bengali (Hons and Programme) must be mailed to
  11. All submissions for Education (Programme) must be mailed to
  12. Students are advised to be highly mindful and attentive while submitting their answer scripts. They should carefully follow all the guidelines mentioned above and take utmost care so that there is no oversight. Especially important is that the students do not mail their answer scripts to the wrong teacher. If the submission is made after specified date or found to be in a version other than a PDF format, with incomplete details and/or to have been mailed to the wrong teacher, then that submission would be deemed cancelled, and the student would not be given the marks for internal assessment. The college or the teacher would not be answerable for any of these lapses on the part of the student under any circumstances.
  13. BA Internal Assessment Supplementary All answer scripts of ENVS must be mailed at
Posted on: 01 Mar, 2021